Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 2, 2015 - Joshua, Texas

Hello Family!

It was another rainy weekend in Texas. That, along with Halloween, made Saturday pretty unproductive again but what can you do. Friday night was when it really started pouring. We planned rescue visits with our ward mission leader that night so it made for some interesting times. When we drove up to this one less-active's house it was really pouring and we saw their TV on so we thought for sure they'd answer out of pity, but nope. I literally had to leap over a giant puddle to get back into the car and by then I already was soaking wet. Of course, silly me didn't think to bring a coat or
umbrella, just a sweater. Our ward mission leader was telling us about the flooding in Austin and how there was a guy who phoned his wife and told her he was floating down the street waiting for emergency services to come get him. They were taking a while so he then phoned a news station and talked to them for a couple minutes. You'll have to google or something to get the rest of the story.

We also had interviews with President Ames that day which was awesome. He just goes into these interviews knowing that God will guide the conversation and says whatever comes to his mind in those 15 minutes. It's basically clockwork revelation. In mine we mostly talked about dealing with those down days and preparing to take over the area. He started by telling me that Elder Simmons had been in Joshua a while and asked if I knew what that meant. From there it seemed like every struggle or question I didn't know I had just flowed out. President Ames ended by saying that God knew exactly how that conversation was going to go and was guiding us the whole time. It's hard to describe but it was totally true. It was definitely one of those experiences I'll never forget.

The only other interesting thing that happened this week was yesterday when we met with one of our investigators. Her boyfriend (who had a baptism date but disappeared) is in Austin right now so she had to call over a male friend before we could teach her. This friend looked a little rough around the edges but had a pretty kind personality overall. Our investigator told him on the phone that we were just there to talk to her and he didn't have to listen. I think Elder Simmons and I were both thinking "we'll see about that. You can't just ignore two guys talking about the restored gospel." SPOILER ALERT: He listened and said he'll get baptized if he finds out the church is true. Okay, now let's back up. Before we even started teaching he told us his life story and let me tell you, he had some serious "baptismal interview question #4" issues. People just see the name tag and share TMI details like there's no tomorrow. Anyway, it was a good lesson for both of them and the friend is more committed to go to church then I've seen anyone. At the end of the lesson he even chastised our investigator for also meeting with the Jehovah's Witnesses (GASP!). His exact words were "That is not the church you want."

Definitely a good week down here in Joshua, Texas. Hope you have a good week and don't get to jealous of the sunny, 70 degree day I have ahead of me.

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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