Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 19, 2015 - Joshua, Texas

Hello Family,

I really try not to count the days but I realized this morning that it was exactly two months ago that I left for the MTC. It's pretty hard to believe. The farther I get into my mission the better my MTC experience seems. I'm sure I'll look back to my first transfer the same way in a couple months. In case you haven't figured it out, I was not transferred last week. I just forgot to mention that. I do have a new district leader though. His name is Elder Pulver and he seems pretty loving and funny. Elder Allison was replaced by a new missionary so the district leader is now in Burleson. I haven't been out that long, but the idea of a district leader in Burleson is still weird to me... 

Should be a good transfer though. There are a couple newer members who are planning on going through the temple in November, so we may be able to go with them. We've also been invited to a less-active guy's wedding. He's marrying into a Catholic family so they're doing a reading and stuff during the ceremony. His fiancĂ© is actually encouraging him to embrace his Mormon side so they invited us over for dinner and asked us to do a reading from the Book of Mormon. Should be a good experience. 

The rest of the week was mostly full of street contacting. We went to Godley with our bikes on Wednesday and rode around talking to people. We ended up giving out two Books of Mormon and got 5 new investigators. While riding around we also came across a necromancer and a sort-of-basher. I say sort of because he just referred us to his preacher, told us we were heretics for not believing in the trinity, and gave us firm handshakes obviously meant to show dominance. That was the worst of it though. Overall, it was a super successful day. Probably one of the best by stats that I've had on my mission. People were just prepared for our message that day.
And this letter would not be complete if I did not tell you about the amazing food I ate this week. Firstly I had a Brisket Taco at Del Norte Taco in Godley. Talk about Tex Mex. If there is one place I want to take ya'll to in Texas, it is Del Norte Taco. We also ate at Nicky D's with bishop this week. Most amazing burger I've ever had. Nelson burgers come in a close 2nd only because Nicky D's toasts the buns to perfection and has crazy varieties of toppings. 

I also feel obligated to share my funny story for the week. So, we walk into the library (you know this is going to be good now) and ask to use a single computer to print a report for ward council. Obviously, we need another chair so I grab one from a nearby table and place it in next to Elder Simmons'. In front of said chair is a small wooden barrier preventing fellow library computer users from snooping on each other. Harmless right? Wrong. As I begin to sit down in my chair, I manage to whack my face on this barrier. It hurt but I'd whacked my face on things before, no big deal right? Wrong. As I'm laughing at myself I feel blood dripping from my lip. I cut my lip on the blunt edge of a wooden barrier! I then turn to Elder Simmons and we head to the bathroom so I can clean up. After a few minutes the bleeding had almost stopped and this guy about my age walks in and says, "You get punched?" To which I reply, "Well... by a stationary piece of wood." On his way out he turns to me and says, "Good luck man. Watch out for those pieces of wood." I'm hoping this guy has a more normal experience with missionaries sometime, but for now at least he knows we have a sense of humor and are prone to human accidents just like everyone else.

With that, have an awesome week and watch your faces!

Love ya'll,
Elder O'Brien (the bleeder)

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