Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 16, 2016

Hello Family!

Well, first off I was able to go to the temple on Tuesday so that was awesome. We barely made it though because we had to leave at 5:45am and my alarm didn't go off. It took another set of Elders walking in at 5:55 to get us up but we hurried and made it out the door just in time. It was good to go again and we even saw some Dallas missionaries there! I asked if they knew an Elder Barr and they said yes but that he was on the opposite end of the mission.

The rest of the week was a little slower than I would have liked it to be but oh well. We did our best. I was really praying for some kind of change this transfer because I just need a restart. I've especially
been wanting to go to Denton since the beginning of my mission for a couple reasons. One, Elder Martino of the Seventy is from there and said it was awesome when he was at our stake conference in Lethbridge. Two, because the rumor in the mission is that it's the promised land. So, you might have guessed by now, but prayers truly are answered and I'm going to Denton this transfer. I'll be covering both the Denton 2nd and 5th wards and my new companion will be Elder Reich who I know nothing about. It's a car area too so I'll most likely be spending the entire first half of my mission in a car. I'm super excited!  It seems like I just get whatever I want as far as areas and companions. I usually change my mind later but hey.

Well, once again, I hope your week is awesome! Wish me luck in Denton!

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

P.S. My new address is:
5001 Par Dr. #3625
Denton, TX 76208

And yes, it's apparently on a golf course

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