Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 2, 2017

Dear Family,

Happy New Year!

Our week was nothing special again. Taught a few members, less-actives, etc. We totally forgot about New Year's Eve until about halfway through the day and then didn't really do anything different that night. I guess we did have a really good dinner, that was nice. Other than that I just woke up to fireworks at 12:15 and thought, "Cool."

Yesterday we had something interesting happen. Our Bishop in Heritage got up during the sacrament meeting announcements and called for a ward fast that we can baptize at least one person this quarter. He said "we're not fasting just for missionary experiences, we're fasting for a baptism." It was prompted partially by a mission call in the ward. A priest we know quite well was called to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. It's right next to the Canada Halifax mission. We went over when he was opening it which was a neat experience. Anyway, back to the ward fast. I think this new year has reinvigorated the ward council a bit which is good. Now we're just waiting for the ball to get rolling. It's pretty tough right now but hopefully things begin to happen soon.

Sorry for the short letter, but that's all I've got. Have a wonderful week!

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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