Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 15, 2017

Dear Family,

Once again it is time for another "we just talked yesterday, what do I say?" email. Luckily I get to actually pause and think while I'm writing so I've actually remembered some things I didn't talk about. I mentioned that Wednesday was a pretty unique day and I actually remembered everything this morning! So, it began with a bible referral appointment. When we showed up she was waiting on her porch which is totally weird because almost nobody even keeps their appointments, let alone waits outside for them! We talked with her for about a half hour and shared a little of the restoration with her. Turns out her husband is atheist and she was planning on leaving him hay day. She was surprisingly casual about it... Anyway, the guy came out at one point to smoke and just stared at us the whole time. 

After that appointment, we went to another one with a referral from other missionaries. Her name was Terry and she was pretty solid. We asked about her relationship with God and she described some experiences she's had that have impacted her. We then taught her a little more about the restoration and asked what she'd do if she found out it was true and she said she'd have to join the church. We then explained a bit about baptism and she said she'd be baptized if she finds out its true. We asked her how she'd find out and she told us she'd read the Book of Mormon and come to church. Of course we told her to pray about it too but the point is she gave all the answers we were hoping. She didn't actually make it to church unfortunately but neither did any other investigator so...

After our lessons we went out for some Mexican and saw some nasty words about Donald Trump in he bathroom. We then went to the church to get some referral info and Jeje dropped us over text but said she'd still come to church. 

The rest of the afternoon we contacted potential investigators and that's when two homeless people asked us for money within a single minute. I didn't have any cash but Elder Brinkerhoff had a $20 which he didn't want to give out. Had. The first guy said that was fine and moved on. The second guy said he knew we could just go to an ATM and get more and other stuff like that so Elder Brinkerhoff caved. 

Later that night we had a lesson at the church and Jeje was there bringing her son to cub scouts. Long story short we convinced her to keep meeting with us. 

It wasn't the weirdest day ever but a bunch of random things happened that made it unusual I suppose. Oh, and just to clarify from yesterday, of the stories I said I'll tell when I get home none of them involve having guns pointed at me. I hope you find comfort in that. 

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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