Friday, March 18, 2016

March 14, 2016 - Saginaw, Texas

Dear Family,

I really need to stop saying stuff like, "Hey, it's starting to look like spring!" because something always happens. On Tuesday morning we're sitting there studying and watching the nice gentle rain outside when suddenly the wind picks up and we can barely see ten feet outside our window! We then start listening closely for tornado sirens and all we hear is the wind howling really loudly at consistent intervals. Meanwhile the rest of our district is sitting in their bathtubs quite aware that wind does not howl like that--it was indeed a tornado siren. You live and you learn I guess... I'm completely fine though, no worries! The worst this area got was a few bent signs and leaning fences. Oh, and the beautiful blossoms I mentioned last week, yeah, they're now covering the ground.

That was the first storm this week. The second one is more figurative and began on Saturday before Chris' baptism. The baptism was scheduled for 7pm and at about 6:10 we got a text from his mom saying, "I am Chris. I'm not coming because I'm not ready to be a Mormon." We texted back and asked to come over but he didn't respond so we started getting the word out that the baptism was cancelled. We waited about a half hour before we took everything down and drained the font. That sound when the font started draining was painful, I'm telling you! Not 5 minutes after the plug was pulled both literally and figuratively, Chris walked in. At that moment I just gave him one those "Wait... What?!" looks.Turns out he was super nervous and didn't feel ready but some members convinced him to come. We asked him firmly if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes so we got as many people back as possible and the baptism went on! I didn't even know what to feel afterwards. I don't have the pictures right now but I should be able to get them from Chris' mom this week.

So, another random fact. Last week I forgot to mention that I met a member in the Fossil Ridge ward that served in the Canada Calgary mission and finished in Stirling. His last name is McClure and he was one of the missionaries that got Mark Clayton baptized. Small world! He remembers staying with the Laquas and everything!

Also, tonight all my dreams are going to come true because the bishop's family is hosting a Pi Day party and we're invited! #Hallelujah! His wife said they're going to feed us pizza pie at 6, then dessert pie at 6:30 when everyone else (neighbors, ward members, etc.) come. I cannot even express how happy that makes me! It's one of those situations when your prayer is answered even though you didn't say it because it seemed like such a silly thing to pray for. The Lord truly knows how to succor His people! I've been feeling a little down lately so in all seriousness, it was an answer to my prayers. I think we sometimes forget that the Atonement is truly infinite and that Christ will make things happen to cheer us up, no matter how silly. I'll leave you with that thought and talk to you next week! Happy Pi Day!! 

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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