Monday, November 28, 2016

November 21, 2016

Dear Family,

Our area seems to be steadily improving. Again, we didn't get a ton of lessons this week but we did get to meet with a few auxiliary leaders to coordinate our efforts a bit. It may take a little but we should be able to get a good teaching pool. 

I only have a couple interesting things to say this week really. The first is that there's apparently this one less-active who left the church because of some church history and is now getting a bunch of other people in the ward to leave too. Not a lot of people, but you know, a few. It's sad though.

The other interesting thing began as we were walking back to our apartment one night. Can you feel a story coming on? So, yeah, we're walking up the stairs to the apartment and we see keys left in one of the locks a floor below us. We decide we'll be nice and let the person know so we knock on the door and a dog bursts out of the apartment and runs down the stairs! The lady then lets out some cuss words and we all run to try catching the dog. It squeezes underneath the gate and starts running north on a major road. We lose sight of the dog so the owner goes to get her car while we keep following it. She apparently starts going south or something because we don't see her for like a half hour. Anyway, we go behind a dumpster to say a quick prayer and  just as we're finishing we hear a thump and some whimpering. The dog had been hit! Luckily it's still alive and there's some nice people walking by who stopped to help it. It all ended up fine and the owner eventually showed up but we were just like, "What? How did that happen?!"

I have to go but there's your story for the week. Take care!

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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