Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 11, 2016 - Saginaw, Texas

                 District Community Project

Dear Family,

Life was pretty busy with transfers this week. Tuesday we did some service and basically ran errands the rest of the day. Elder Cherry from our district was going home and was in a bike area so he needed us to take him around for some last minute things. He was the older brother figure of the district so it was tough to see him leave. It's funny, watching him go home was almost exactly like watching someone leave for their mission.

It was tough to see Elder Wade go too, especially after only one transfer. I didn't realize how hilarious he was until he was gone. That seems to happen a lot. It's always really tough to get a new companion in an area because you're so used to how your previous companion does things and how they act. I've been doing alright though, Elder Law is pretty cool. I had to take lead a little more this week because he's new to the area, new to the district, and still pretty new to the mission. I learned a lot from being a district leader's companion last transfer so I'm trying to pass that on as much as possible.

Basically as soon as Elder Law was unpacked we jumped right into it and went to District Leadership Council to plan for Zone Council the next day. Zone Council is basically a district meeting for the whole zone.

On Friday we did a massive service project as a zone through a community event that was going on. Basically, a bunch of people came together to restore people's yards and houses and were split into
groups to work on a specific house. Our zone made up one group so it was just us and a supervisor from the charity sponsoring the project. We mostly did painting, laying stone, and pulling weeds. It was awesome because so much of the zone was new but we got to know each other almost right away. Half the people were saying, "Elder O'Brien, I've never heard you talk this much before!" Apparently I'm pretty funny sometimes. All I said was stuff like, "yeah, you totally brought the property value down with that smudge." I suppose that kinda stuff cheers people up somehow. Who would've thought?

Anyway, the lady who owned the house was super emotional and grateful at the end. She shared 1 Peter 4:10 with us and then we said a prayer. It was super awesome. I'll send a picture of the zone and her later. She also had a small dog named Rusty. He was cool. Overall probably one of my favorite experiences since I came to Saginaw.

Well, take care and don't smudge any bricks with paint this week! Not that there's many brick houses around there... Bye!

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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