Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 3, 2016 - Saginaw, Texas

 Conference Breakfast 
at a member's house

Dear Family,

Hope your conference weekend was awesome. Sounds like you liked basically all the same talks I did. Elder Bednar's talk, "Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins" was definitely one of my favorites, especially being a missionary. He just taught baptism and the Holy Ghost so simply and it made me wish I could teach like that. It's one of those talks I'll be studying a lot the next few months. Another talk that I really enjoyed was Sister Oscarson's. She talked about asking ourselves, "Do I really believe?" and how we need to get the gospel from our minds into our hearts. I think missions really make you ask yourself that. For me it's not so much in the "Why do I believe these crazy things?" sense but it's more like, "I'm out here telling people that there is a living prophet on the earth and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can have real, tangible consequences now and into the eternities. What does that really mean to me and why aren't I the happiest, most fearless person in the world because I believe these things?" Those moments when I really ask myself that teach me more than a hundred personal studies. 

I've thought about that a lot this week, how there's those experiences we all have that become like our own personal scripture stories that can be applied to almost anything. Ayla's passing is one of those stories for me. It's not too often that I feel inspired to share that story with people but when I do, it always seems to be for a different reason. 

You're probably wondering about transfers so I'll get to that. First of all, I'm also going to be out a week longer because of the MTC change and the 7 week transfer. Turn back the countdowns! Second, I'm staying in Saginaw (yay!) and Elder Wade is going to Waco as a Zone Leader. It's funny because last week Elder Wade said he felt strongly that one of us was going to get a leadership call and told me that if President Ames called he wanted to answer because it's always the other person who the call is actually for. So, about 10:10pm on Monday night we think we're safe for the night. THEN, I thought, "Hey, I should check the phone one more time before bed," because it was in the other room. President Ames had called probably seconds before so I answered and he asked for Elder Wade. Should've checked the phone before me Elder Wade! HAHAHA! ahem... So, yeah. 

My new companion will be Elder Law. He's been out for six months and is coming from his first area. I don't really know him well but his trainer and his trainer's trainer have both been my district leader before so I've heard of him. 

Well, my time is up so I'll talk to you next week. Buhbye!

Elder O'Brien (the younger)

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